Broken Rose

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Member since:4/7/2003

Home town:Soneham, MA

Music styles: Rock

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Contact:Bruce Malley

About Broken Rose

Broken Rose , a Grateful Dead cover band, (781-324-1386) has been playing the Greater Boston area for almost three years now, and has performed at such venues as the Commonwealth Fish and Beer in Boston, and The Mad Fish Grille in Gloucester. We have been regulars at the Rendezvous in Waltham for the past 2 years. We have played such diverse places such as the Kirkland in Cambridge, Bailey's in Salem and the Happy Swallow Pub in Framingham. The band plays tight, somewhat edgy versions of a large section of the Grateful Dead's music, with other select covers thrown into the mix. Aside from the Dead, some of the other bands we cover are the Stones, Dylan, and the Beatles. Excellent musicianship, vocals and camaraderie make this a band worth catching, in our humble opinion. Currently, we are working on our second live CD, culled from performances at the Mad Fish Grille last summer. The band maintains an e-mail list, which is constantly expanding. We also promote our various gigs and the clubs we play with flyers, and on our web site. Our price is negotiable, particularly for the first time we play a particular venue. We are also available for private parties, something we particularly enjoy doing. The Lineup: Bruce (lead guitar, vocals) began his performing interest in Paris, France. He returned to the U.S. and has played such bands as "Jump Clinic" and "Lo Orbit." His style is unique, combining the diverse styles of Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Smith, and David Gilmore. Bruce uses Mesa Boogie amps, Delays, Screaming Wah's, and A Gibson Electric Guitar. Ron (guitar, vocals) is basically the glue that holds Broken Rose together supplying the fullness of the rhythm of the band. He has memorized over 500,000 chords ;-) Ron plays a modified Fender Strat, Fender Hot-Rod Deluxe amp and the the smallest, weirdest effects box he can find any given time. Bails (bass) provides a solid low end for Broken Rose. His improvisational skills are unique, as he constantly searches to find "The Zone". Bails uses a Fender Precision Bass. Margaret (keyboards) Recent addition to the band, fresh from the west coast where she had been performing as a solo artist. Gret adds new tonal dimensions to the band both vocally and instrumentally. ??? (drums) Broken Rose marches to the beat of different drummers these days. Stephen, Mike, Justin, Jamie, Joel, Greg, to name a few. Experienced drummers are welcome to audition with us at any time. Must have a good sense of dynamics, know the Dead's music well, and be willing to commit to two gigs and three rehearsals per month. To set up an audition, just send us an email with the word "Drummer" in the subject line. Home
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