The Heist

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Member since:1/18/2013

Home town:Fall River, Ma

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Contact:Scotty Lafleur

About The Heist

THE HEIST is a 5 member High Energy DancePartyRock Cover Band out of Southeastern Mass. / Rhode Island, founded in Feb. 2011. Led by Jeremy Brennan on Vocals, Scotty Lafleur on Guitar, Jeff Maynard on Rap/Vocals, Aubrey Savoie on Drums/Vox, and Nelson Melo on Bass/Vox, The Heist has an impressive resume, ( From Local shows to Albany, NY, Manchester, NH, and everywhere in between) and an even more impressive setlist which aims to cover all the bases, from Sublime to CeLo Green to Zac Brown band to Eminem, House of Pain, and Bruno Mars. The Heist feeds off of the crowds energy to give you a show you won't soon forget, and will surely leave you wanting more... The Heist can be found on Facebook at and at, Tell your friends!!!!
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