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About Ichabod

In May '98,Boston metal/core "supergroup" Bitter approached longtime Worldseed member dave Iverson about replacing their departed guitarist.After playing only a few shows w/ this lineup Bitter disbanded.Iverson took the unused material that he had written and forged ahead a new band,Ichabod.Iverson was particularly meticulous about choosing a drummer.He then contacted ex~Psychosis(Massacre Records)drummer Ron Dion.The two then called upon former Brown bassist Ken Joyner.Next up,Former Big John Studd throatman Ken Mackay.After playing and recording Living through the end,Dion had to leave the band due to familial obligations.Without skipping a beat,Mackay's younger brother Phil stepped in to solidify what has been the definitive Ichabod roster ever since.All members of Ichabod are indigenous to the Greater Lowell area,a city whose abundant melancholy is evident in the landscape of mill husks and industrial scarring;where drab childhoods become drug habits and the complexities of immigration and postindustrial anxiety are forever immortalized in the intoxicated verse of Jack Kerouac.Striking matches in the darkness,Today is the Day mastermind Steve Austin captured a glimpse of the Ichabod reality whilst recording the band's debut album,Living Through the End,on their own Two~bit label.So listen carefully,and if you can stand to let your eyes adjust to the blackness,look for the light in Ichabod's epitaph for humanity.....
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