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Member since:9/18/2001

Home town:Boston,, MA

Music styles: Pop

Web site:http://www.johnmaragos.comampa

Contact:I-POP Records


ABOUT JOHN MARAGOS: Artist, Producer, and Engineer John Maragos began his musical career in Rochester, Minnesota (USA). After graduating from high school in 1995, he decided to pursue Music Business / Management and Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music in Boston. As an artist and actor, John began performing on stage. He's carried some great roles in musical theater, and also has experience as a film actor and screenwriter. In addition to his theatrical training, John studies voice, guitar, piano, saxophone, and dance. In 1999, John founded I-POP Records, which now includes four recording artists, management, and engineers. John is the first recording artist for I-POP Records, and is now promoting his latest single entitled, "I Belong to You". ******** ABOUT I-POP RECORDS: I-POP Records, a division of Johnny M. Productions, is a Recording and Production facility whose primary goal is to promote goodness and integrity within the music industry. I-POP, which stands for Integrity within POPular Music, achieves its goal by signing artists who choose to say positive things as opposed to negative.
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