10K Shimmer

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From Hooksett , NH



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The band 10 K Shimmer has been playing together for about 5 years. They started out as "Cool Jerks" then a few years ago changed their name to "Naked Wednesday". After you hear them play, it won't matter what they're called, you'll want to come back for more. The band includes Joe Rivet on guitar and lead vocals, Matt Tighe on bass and vocals, and Zac Casher on drums and vocals. Together they are able to weave tight grooves while incorporating hip changes and melodic lines. They have played in hundreds of clubs, bars and venues in the northeast and across the country. Check the web page for upcoming shows near you. Joe Rivet has been playing guitar and singing for 16 years. He got his B.S. in music from Plymouth State University and from there journeyed to Boston and joined the acoustic/rock band "The Mudhens". Joe played with the Mudhens for five years and shared the stage with acts like Guster, Beth Hart, Cake, Peter Wolf, Tim Reynolds, Cowboy Mouth, Neil Young and Blues Traveler to name but a few. They traveled up and down the East Coast and put together five CDs along the way. Now based in Manchester NH, Joe is fronting the band 10 k Shimmer with his striking vocals and memorable guitar work. Matt Tighe is a 20 year veteran of the Boston/new England Music Scene. He started playing profesionally (in other words....for money) when he was 15 years old. In fact, his first paying gig was a corporate Christmas party with none other than Zac Casher on drums. Back in the 80's, Matt was the lead singer and played guitar for his college band, Major Deegan and the Expressways, who's biggest claim to fame was opening for Meatloaf at Syracuse University's MDA dance-a-thon. After graduating Syracuse, Matt came home to Boston and played bass guitar in several local orginal rock bands in the early 90's He played with Johnny Groove, a soulful, funk-rock band that toured New England with the likes of the Red Hot Chile Peppers, The Del Fuegos, The Neighborhoods, and Beaver Brown. Members of Johnny Groove later formed The Mud Hens (Joe's Band). Eventually, Matt and Joe found each other and have been playing together for the last 6 years. 10 k Shimmer is the latest project for Matt, Zac and Joe. Matt brings a wealth of musical knowledge to the band. He has played every style (rock, r & b, blues, jazz) at hundreds of clubs throughout the Northeast. His years of playing bass with Zac Casher on drums, ensure a natural, solid groove, no matter what the song or venue. Zac Casher's ability to create personal and commanding grooves in a variety of styles makes him one of the most sought-after drummers in the New England area. A Berklee College alumnus, his credits include performing and recording with Mighty Sam McClain (Telarc), Scott Shetler and Michelle Willson (Rounder), touring with Imani Coppala (Columbia Records), Ben Swift (Acoustic Arts Prod.) and Johnny Adams (Rounder), performing with The Ken Clark Organ Trio (Severn Records), and recording with Tom West.