31 North

BostonBands member since 2001

From Worcester, Ma


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A little history... 31 North has won audiences with a unique blend of pop sensibility and the spirit of classic rock. With influences as broad as music itself, the band delivers a complete musical experience; combining soulful voices and thick grooves with guitar-driven rock. Lead by heart-felt song writing and jazz-cool arrangement, 31 North has found that special something that makes a song timeless and their music instantly familiar. 31 North set out in March, 1999 for pre-production of their debut album, 'How Many Ways' , which was released to the public on October 28th, 2000. Founding members Rodger Ekstrom, Chris Barber, Chris Constantine and Gary Jewers brought their long time friendship and broad musical experience together at Longview Farms Studios to document original compositions. Since the band's creation 31 North has welcomed Jim Maillox on percussion, Jesse Ekstrom on guitar and Scott Graves on saxophone. And incase you've been sleeping, you have already missed: 31 North with EDWIN McCAIN SISTER HAZEL DEBORAH GIBSON FLOCK OF SEAGULLS LAURA DAWN Mechanics Hall (December 13th,2001 31 North with ROBIN TROWER Toads Place (October 9,2001) 31 North with DEEP BLUE SOMETHING Pet Rock 2001 (Sept 9 2001) 31 North with MARSHALL TUCKER BAND Toads Place (March 16, 2001)