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In 1990, three young teenagers from a small Irish town formed the nucleus of the band that would become 5 Helena. Kilcock is a quiet, easygoing setting about 15 miles from Dublin. Irish radio was full of the RAVE sound and it was growing tired to many restless musicians. Niall Fowler, Jude Hynes and Gary Browne (along with a local drummer) decided to try their hand at their own brand of rock, with meaningful lyric and a touch of Irish sensibility. The result was a first place finish in the 1996 Irish National Guinness Competition. Niall left for the United States, carrying his passport, his songs, his Irish tenor voice and his aspirations for a career in the music he loved. Calls back home to his band mates followed. Jude opted to join his singer in Boston in the late 90's and Gary followed in 2001. Veteran Boston drummer, Vinnie Roberto,and fellow Irish man Sean Waldren were recruited by the lads and the United States version of 5 Helena was born. Managers Jack Griffin and Peter Lembo introduced the band to noted producer Paul Kolderie (Lemonheads, Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, Hole, Warren Zevon) and the team entered Camp Street Studio (formerly Fort Apache) in October, 2003. Their first produced demo is approaching completion. American radio, record companies and press will receive songs in February. Jude quips, "It's a hell of a long way from County Kildare and we've got a lot farther to go. But.....we're enjoying the ride!" As we say in Boston........'Nuf Said!