Acker Bros

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From Boston, MA


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They're at it again!...I will resist the urge to sputter about not having been asked to write a commentary on the last Acker Bros. record If That, Then Thisàwater over the bridge, guys. This latest offering by the brothers, who have been unfairly characterized as second-string ditty-smiths, is a foray into musical territory yet unknown (perhaps unknowable!) to their dry, high-brow, poll-reading critics. This music grooves, bopsàas incandescent as a neon sign! And there could be no more fitting a title than Wigged Out! Take, for instance, the track "I Dream of Zeenies"àpaging Doctor Freud! More than music, this record is punctuated with sonic exclamation points of a kind you might hear in some soulful sci-fi fantasy. If "Misty" is your bag, put this record back on the shelf. If you can dig today's souped-up sounds, put your bebop records back in their dust jackets, slap this on the changer, and strap yourself in for lift-offà.Houston, there is NO problem here! Herb Fountainbleu û Jazz Examiner Grab two handfuls of your own hair and get "Wigged Out!" along with the uptight and outta sight Acker Bros as they let their backbones slip and ride their own personal crazy train to Groovsylvania!! What a scene!! Along with the brothers on this trip are the following hip to the trip, hep cats: Lee Goodness (Curtis Mayfield, Chuck Leavell, Sean Costello) - Drums and Percussion Dan Graham û Drums Joe Manis (Cherry Poppin' Daddies) û Tenor Sax Max Fronek û Alto Sax Doug Horning (Marmalade Army) û Vocals So climb aboard our "Happening" as we leave the jive turkeys to eat our dust and swing hard to the way gone "get it on" beat all the way back to the crash pad! Go Daddy Go!!!!!!.