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By arthurnasson@***** more than 12 weeks ago

While many of todayÆs so called jazz [or any other really] recording artists fit neatly into categories defined by marketing departments, that are then pushed toward that imagined demographic, in the hopes of cashing in. The Acker Brothers latest offering "Dungaree Jazz" harkens back to a time when jazz was a vibrant, and more experimental art form. That encompassed and toyed with various types of musical styles, more often than not turning them on their respective heads. The Acker Bros even call themselves jazz/fusion artists. And sure you can hear some of the influences, but that doesnÆt even tell half the story. These guys are composers first, who bring lots of satire, humor, and musical conceptualism to the party. And with an irrepressible sense of humor, they donÆt get bogged down for a moment. The CD kicks off with a burner called "Dickey Patrol" which careens around corners so tight you think you'll fall out of the roller coaster. There are brief stops for sound samples before a guitar solo, that makes rock, bebop, and heavy metal seem sedate, pulls you around the room. Next stop "Hollywood Cave Man Fur" brings a wonderfully written Latin flavored tune to the party and youÆre off in a completely different direction. The CD keeps shifting with many more avenues appearing along the way. And to shake it up even further, we get a hilarious send up of movie double feature break fare, entitled "Intermission". I wont spoil it, go hear it for yourself. Not only is this CD a great listen all the way through, The Acker Bros cover more musical ground than most people have in their collections. Highly recommended. Arthur Nasson