The Adam Ainslie Band

BostonBands member since 2000

From Ma


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Adam D.Ainslie Adam is one of those rare individules that has the inate ability to hear a tune and reproduce it without formal training. Adam at the very young age of nine showed interest in playing the guitar after being exposed to hearing Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Tightrope", being played on the radio during a short car trip. Upon returning home adam was persistent in convincing his father to purchase his first guitar a used "1969" black American Standard Stratocaster. Adam spent his adolescent years perfecting guitar styles of the master bluesmen,Such as Vaughan,Hendrix,Buddy Guy,Otis Rush and the three Kings. Adam freely cites his influences,but is quick to point out that he is inspired more by "feel," and the personality that the masters put into their music, than by a desire to cop their licks.Adam had several offers through his early teens to join local bands, but choose to start his own power trio by the age of eighteen.Adam spent a year practicing,trying a keyboard player and then changing his rhythm section several times until perfecting the act to it current stripped down three man unit. Adam and the band began aquireing gig's in several local venues but was limited by his under age status and, due to liquer laws regarding minors,Now He has begun to broaden his horizons to not only massachusetts,but the entire New England Blues Club scene. Gear:5 fender Stratocasters Only one being an American standard,1 Fender 12 string electric/acoustic 1 Danelectro single Amps:1 Fender Hot Rod Deville and 1 Fender 65 twin Reverb Pedals:1 Danelectro ( Dan-Echo Delay,1 Ibenez Tube Screamer,1Vox Wha Wha,1 Sans Amp t