The Akewsticks

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From Winthrop, MA

#classical #acoustic

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As of right now...I am the Akewsticks in its entirety. My name is Ron and I play acoustic guitar and supply lead vocals to all of my songs which currently stands at a count of 4. Yeah that may be alot for a young lad like myself but we all start somewhere. The type of music you ask???-I couldn't classify it if I tried. It's basically what comes out of my head and lands in your ears. Born and raised in Winthrop MA, I was never introduced to music with the exception of playing the trumpet for two years. I then went to school at ASU. There I was introduced to the guitar. I was also tampering around with writting lyrics. Well the inevitable has come true and I am now well on my way to maybe playing at a town near you. The name of the band, well I just made that up about 3 minutes ago so be sure to keep an ear out for the name anyway. Track listings include: 1. Buy Guitar 2. Everything 3. Gray Day 4. number 4(no name yet) Thanks for your time.