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ALCHEMILLA has taken on several variations over the past years. They site a range of influences including classic & 90's rock, heavy metal, and acoustic music. By combining driving rhythms and controlled distortion, Alchemilla produces a style of melodic hard rock that is both provoking and emotional. Instrumentation includes three guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Formed originally in Boston, MA in the summer of 2000, Alchemilla has played numerous shows in the Boston area including TT The Bears' Place, The Middle East, Milky Way Cafe, and the Sky Bar. They have shared bills with such acts as Sad Marvin, Amusia, Mistle Thrush and Farewood. Drummer Matt Russell and bassist Mike Calienes, (both of Amusia), collaborated with Alchemilla for a little over a year in 2000-2003 during the bands' arduous search for a rhythm section. Matt and Mike brought a lot to the sound and spirit of the music, leaving a lasting impression on Alchemilla by helping to establish a more refined sound. During 9 months of touring the Boston/Cambridge acoustic circuit, playing the Kendall Cafe, Lizard Lounge, PA Lounge,and quite a few late nights at the All Asia Cafe, many new songs were written. Now with a fresh mindset and rhythm section Alchemilla has been playing out electric and demoing new tunes with the talented folks at Q-Division Studios in Somerville, MA. The band is looking forward to supporting the new EP with an assortment of shows around Boston this winter and beyond.