Andres Wilson

BostonBands member since 2004

From Boston, Ma t.


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Influences: the ubiquitous voodoo of the world, Jeff Buckley, Jimi Hendrix, Son House, Coldplay, The Beatles, The Blues (in all or its many incarnations), Calogero (French), Nick Drake, Jorge Luis Borges, Hayehudim(Isr'li) Radiohead, Nirvana, Asi Mei, Smashing Pumpkins, Middle-Eastern music, Tim Burton movies, Nirvana, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn, William Blake, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Erik Satie, Shakespeare, The Pixies, Mahavishnu Orchestra Born in 1983, to a classical guitarist father and a jazz pianist mother, Andres Wilson was named after the famed classical guitarist Andres Segovia. Many would later remark that there was a hint of kismet at work in his title. A born artist, Andres first showed prowess as an actor and model. He spent his formative years reciting lines behind the camera or atop the stage as the star of television commercials and theater. Traveling the continental United States as an actor, jarring decibels of Nirvana, 50's rock, Jimi Hendrix, and Guns N' Roses perpetually pierced through his headphones. His grandmother's affinity for the blues also implanted itself firmly in his aural memory, as the family would often sing along with Lightning Hopkins and John Lee Hooker boogies while riding along the wide highways between Boston, L.A. and New York. Andres absorbed the beauty of a song's hook and its desperate cries concurrently with the undulating open- roads and the vast hollow of America. When he had more or less settled back at his home in suburban Massachusetts, after much begging and pleading with his family, Andres received an electric guitar for his thirteenth birthday and a rock star was born. His broadening awareness of various musical styles manifested itself in his guitar playing, and it would eventually affect the often complex, but always pop/blues-rooted sound that he has made his own. At sixteen years old, he was touring New England with his underground / outsider-music pianist mother and earning a reputation as the best young lead guitar player in Boston through his work in metal bands like Tribal Demise and 69 Days. After graduating from Lawrence Academy, where he was the recipient of graduation awards for music and writing, Andres enrolled at the Berklee College of Music in Boston where he completed a summa cum laude B.M. in the Professional Music major (Fall 03'). Andres has also studied classics, linguistics, and creative writing at Harvard University. The music of Andres Wilson blends his myriad of influences into intense, melodic, and richly poetic songs where his voice rises and soars over the always- bluesy thrashing of inventive harmonies from his acoustic guitar. Sinuous, violin-like guitar lines embellish the groove with inventive pulchritude. Live shows are defined by jaw dropping,compositional guitar heroics and moments of vocal transcendence. He is influenced, like everyone despite how they manifest this notion, by a dumbfounded understanding of the metaphysical and a weakness in the face of love. Andres has played in all of the largest venues throughout New England and New York, and he has won several guitar and songwriting competitions. Now, he is poised to make the world listen to a unique sound that must be heard.