Damian David

BostonBands member since 2003

From Boston, MA

#classical #acoustic

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In this crazy world of digital cacophony, gimmicks and focus on image, Damian has the grit to let his music speak for itself. Marked with a sense of timelessness, honest lyrics and a thunderous sound, Damian's music grabs you, shakes you, and slaps you back into reality. And he makes no apologies....

His raspy voice balances the line between sensuous lows and powerful highs and compliments his percussive guitar style. The first thing you'll notice about Damian is that he isn't a singer that can play guitar, nor is he a guitarist that sings, but a well rounded musician with various competencies. With musical influences like Otis Redding, Radiohead, Van Morrison, Shawn Mullins, Weezer, Live, Joe Cocker, The Stones, CCR, John Coltrane, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, it's no wonder why Damian creates a sound the crosses over multiple musical styles. What you get are strong melodies and witty lyrics that stick in your head.

Damian started developing his sound at an early age listening to his mom's radio which ruthlessly scratched out oldies, country and R&B day and night. My mom would leave it on and the songs would just float out as I soaked them up.

Self-studied on guitar and voice but college trained in jazz performance and trumpet, Damian's approach to music is educated, yet pure and boundless. Although he writes with technical proficiency, he measures his success with his ear and his audience's reaction. He sings about life as we all live it, day in and day out, good, ugly and real. Audiences can't help but recognize themselves in his songs.