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To break a sentence with an ellipsis is at once to interrupt a thought and to prepare for an imminent moment. An ellipsis becomes the reader's vigilant escort, whether welcomed or unexpected, as it recharges the writer and shames the simpler punctuations . . . . in a watery lens of blue and red lights, just the raw shine of a drum set and a glinting pair of resting saxophones are visible, as hushed and expectant as the concert stage itself, and as deep and cushioned as the mood of those seated before it. All you might be able to tell is that it's not a jazz audience, but no other social labels strike you as you glance about the room, so "jazz" it might as well be. The understated movements of shadowed figures on stage don't seem out of place or disturbing in the midnight atmosphere -- that is, until the air is rippled softly by a whispered count of "one-two-three-four-FIVE," then torn in two by a penetrating, electric groove. A sharp-edged rhythm locked atop a rich, deep bass -- the forward motion of an improvisation folded into the savage bent of a precise composition. In the space of ten seconds, before you can fully understand what's happening, one of those formerly slumbering saxophones roars out its greeting, and the jazz has melted into a liquid, dancing audience. This is Ellipsis -- the band, not the concept -- and you are along for the ride. Ellipsis (formerly known as Mike Sempert & Ellipsis) is a Boston-based quartet playing originally composed and improvised music. They are: Mike Sempert on the Fender Rhodes electric piano, Dan Blake on tenor and soprano saxophones, Noah Jarrett on acoustic bass and Sandy Parakilas on drums. All four members of Ellipsis attend New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where Sempert studies jazz composition with Frank Carlberg, and performance with Jerry Bergonzi. Blake also studies performance with Jerry Bergonzi, and with Dr. Carl Atkins. Jarrett studies with Cecil McBee and John Lockwood, and Parakilas studies with Bob Moses and Mich'l Cain. The band is slowly amassing a dedicated Boston audience through its vibrant live shows and the sale of its debut EP, The Limbic Trip, while branching out to venues and eager listeners in New England, New York, and beyond. "As individuals, we all come to Ellipsis from the jazz tradition. We combine this tradition with elements of hip-hop, funk, latin musics, african musics, regg', dub and electronica. Through the conjunction of thoughtful composition with improvisational freedom we strive to create a musical experience that is genuinely original, exciting and dancable. We believe that jazz, like those other musics is dance music. So, we want our audience to feel our music in both the brain and the booty. We don't want people to forget that jazz, while cerebral on some levels is also a wild, passionate and enjoyable musical medium. Ellipsis is our vehicle to organically express the raw intensity of this music."