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Fireking is a rock experience for the twenty-first century. The two founding members, Anthony Kaczynski and Mich'l Smith, both formerly of Figures on a Beach (Sire Records), have been musical collaborators in various forms for years, and Fireking represents their newest, loudest, and best incarnation. Anthony Kaczynski serves as Fireking's lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, as well as being the actual King of Fyre himself. Mich'l Smith powers the group from behind his red Pearl drums. Mr. Paul Armstrong (from Syracuse's legendary powerpoppers The Flashcubes) completes Fireking's live presentation on guitar. Fireking specializes in hook-filled slamming rock tunes. Unafraid to tread where others have trod, yet somehow totally original, Fireking aims for that sweet spot somewhere between "Face to Face"-era Kinks and The Stooges' "Funhouse," owing to their roots in the Motor City. Fireking has just released its very first CD on Fireking's own Blueberry Pie label; "Live A Little, Love A Little." Nine songs that will rock your world, and the next one. Bruce Brodeen of Not Lame Recordings says, "Fireking's debut CD is a killer tour-de-force, simply stated." It's good to be Fireking.