Jeffrye Glenn Tveraas

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I've been a full-time performing musician and songwriter since 1970. I started out playing drums in high school cover bands. I studied music in college before hitting the road as a singer/songwriter. I spent way too much time playing in cover bands of all types all over the U.S. all the while writing songs and refining my own style. I toured on the New York Coffee House circuit in the middle 70's, I was in several 'local hero' bands in Southern California throughout the 80's. You know, close but no cigar. I got a publishing deal with MCA music and San Diego radio airplay with 'Take Me With You', cut #13 on this album. I began producing soundtracks and SFX for video games in 1991 and worked as senior sound designer and composer for Sega Interactive in LA for three years. I have 14 completed titles to my credit including Garfield, Eternal Champions CD and Star Wars Arcade. I moved to Maine 2 1/2 years ago and have been working as a solo acoustic artist here in the northland.