Jesse Ciarmataro

BostonBands member since 1999

#classical #acoustic

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Growing up in a family of artists and musicians, Jesse was exposed to creativity at an early age. His mother, a prolific artist, supported his musical endeavors. With that support Jesse began writng songs in elementary school. Despite never attending music school or taking private lessons, he has learned various instruments by writng songs and performing extensivly. Jesse has been blessed with the wonderful gift of music, and he can communicate through any instrument that he puts his hands on. After graduating from high school, Jesse packed his guitar and a few vital belongings and drove to Colorado to write. He spent two years there writng songs that would bring his music to new hights. After two years, he returned to Boston and played solo five nights a week. He handed out a ten song demo tape (which he recorded on a for track) to anyone and everyone that would listen. Immediatley Jesse captured the attention of many people. Since then Jesse continues to write and perform with three major tours and a two song sampler produced by Anthony J. Resta (Duran Duran, Collective Soul, Shawn Mullens, Morpine) as well as a self produced CD with his band (The Element) entitled "Touch". Jesses music is constantly evolving from playing solo to having his full band (The Element) to his current and more intimate lineup, a trio consisting of Jesse, Mike Feingold (Edable Gray) on electric guitar and lap steel and James Cohen, a multi percussionist. Through passion and dedication, Jesse has begun to tour the country, bringing high energetic emotion and personal experiences through his soul nurturing originally unique music. BANDS JESSE HAS PLAYED WITH: The Beach Boys, Better Than Ezra, The Violent Femmes, Eve 6, Guster, The Samples, Blessid Union of Souls, Patti Rothberg, Mark Mullins(Harry Connick Jr Band), Tina and the B-sides, Robert Bradley and the Blackwater Surprise, Sixteen Horsepower, Rustic Overtones, Thanks to Gravity, Fighting Gravity, Entrain, Winefield, Southside Johnny, Everything, Percy Hill, The Mudhens, Duke Daniels, Moon Boot Lover, Heavy Metal Horns, Groovechild, Seeking Homer.