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"Munk is a Boston based producer and Electronica guru who crafts insistent breakbeats and dance hooks with intelligence and panache" - The Boston Globe "Munks artistry is an accessible mixture of organic electronica and dark hip-hop flavors." - Northeast Performer "...a wonderful doppelganger hybrid of Lenny Kravitz, Trent Reznor, J.S. Clayden(Pitchshifter), and Gibby Haynes." - Digital Artifact In the Summer of 2001, Boston based artist/producer and NY transplant [munk] locked himself away in his home studio and emerged in September with 13 tracks he collectively dubbed "Anime Sweetheart". Diving deep into Breakbeat territory, the CD combines [munk]s smooth flow and singing style with hip-hop, jungle, techno, and even straight ahead pop. With the exception of a few guests (most notably Mike Doughty from Soul Coughing), [munk] performed 99% of the music on "Anime Sweetheart" on a modest set-up consisting of a Mac G3, combined with various plug-ins, guitars, bass, and electronic/live drums to yield a unique techno-organic blend. Since "Anime Sweethearts" release, [munk] tracks have rarely left the Top 5 Most Downloaded at (owned by The Boston Globe). During the week of September 24, [munk] occupied three of the Top 5 positions, totaling over 3000 downloads for the week. (See for the full list of sites with [munk] MP3's for download.) College radio also expressed love for [munk], as a total of 100 CMJ stations around the country added "Anime Sweetheart" in rotation last Fall. The defining difference between [munk] and many of his contemporaries is the live performance ù [munk]s show is an amazing event to witness. Accompanied by a live rhythm section, additional keyboardist, and a backup vocalist, the songs on "Anime Sweetheart" take on new life, with the infusion of hip-hop breakdowns, extended jams and pure rock swagger. When the stage allows, [munk]s show also includes a full visual Multimedia assault, custom made for the songs in a collaboration with Sensory Overload Pictures. Further: ò [munk] was the winner of the ASCAP Popular Songwriting Award, 1999-2001 ò Anime Sweetheart track "Knucklebones" was featured in the October 25 episode of Charmed (WB network). ò Charted on the Billboard Broadband TOP 10, Oct | Nov 2001.