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Member since:7/16/2008

Home town:Clinton, MA

Music styles: Rock

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Contact:Jason Paulino

About The Great Escape-JOURNEY TRIBUTE

The Great Escape is the Ultimate Journey Experience. If you love Journey, you'll love this band. Central to the band are the powerful vocals, enthusiastic energy and incredible range of Jason Paulino. Rich Vigdor is the band's lead guitarist. Rich will dazzle any audience with his note-for-note renditions of Journey's familiar guitar riffs and solos. Peter Ferlisi fills a big role on keyboards, a critical piece in so many Journey songs, as well as adding key vocal harmonies. The backbone of the band is filled by drummer Tony Clement, conducting the band with his power and precision, and the rhythmic, agile bass playing of Bob Wheeler. Come join The Great Escape for an amazing performance of the music of Journey!
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