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Master technicians with the uncanny ability to glide as seamlessly across genres as between time signatures, Dreadnaught strikes both the head and the heart with a powerful impact. The music of Dreadnaught -- known as "progabilly," a term coined to describe the band's unique and emotive blend of old school progressive rock, roots/Americana, and jazz -- has captivated audiences and musicians across New England; "Danny," the first single from Dreadnaught's latest album Una Vez Mas, is receiving extensive airplay throughout MA, NH, NY, VT, and ME. Prolific composers and stuning virtuosos who continually push their talent and creativity to its edge and beyond, Justin Walton (guitar, vocals), Rick Habib (percussion, vocals), and Robert Lord (bass guitar) have each been active professional musicians for more than a decade. The three musicians are rabid listeners as well, finding inspiration in the works of King Crimson, Little Feat, Aaron Copeland, the Band, Frank Zappa, Don Ellis, and Yes, among others, and are continually fascinated by the relationship between spontaneous improvisational composition and ornately structured arrangements; the balance of the emotional and the intellectual is an integral part of each note they play, shaping and molding their music across stage and record.