Chris Wilhelm

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I am a singer/songwriter who has always dreamed of being a professional writer/performer.I was born in Hudson, New York. Around age 10 I made my first guitar out of cardboard, strings drawn with markers, because I wanted to be able to play along with my favorite music. That lasted a couple of years; when I was 13 my parents broke down and bought me my first real guitar, a Harmony electric. I played my first show as a teenager in Hudson. In 2000 I moved to Albany, New York- a bigger city where I could put a band together and work on building a following. 2004 brought me to Boston, Massachusetts, where I've been playing the subway and other venues as a solo artist. You can often find me at Downtown Crossing, Back Bay, Park Street, and State T stops during the week, and weekends outside at Harvard Square when I can find a spot to play. For influences, Bob Dylan has been huge. I also enjoy Paul Simon, Elton John, Dave Matthews and many more. My accomplishments: 1990: I played my first show. 2001: I was a regular at open mikes and started playin Mother Earth Cafe in Albany, New York. 2002: Started playing a lot of shows and my songs were being played on local radio shows. 2003: Entered a songwriting contest receiving a better than average score. 2004: I played New York City’s CBGB Gallery three times, the Bitter End, and Hogs and Heifers Saloon, Springfest at Albany College of Pharmacy, opening for the Dropkick Murphys. Drew approximately 400 students. Also played regular engagements at Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary in Albany and the Big Arena in Delmar, NY. 2005: Full time musician playing in the Boston subway, Harvard Square, and other gigs. Appeared on BNN-TV “All About the Arts.” Recent gigs include: the Prudential Center, Bitter End, and the Roslindale Summer Concert Series.