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They were just a group of 14 year-olds with big dreams when they started a cellar-band playing local gigs through high school. Though they developed a strong musical bond and gained much notoriety, the immaturity factor took its toll and they eventually disbanded. From then on, each member took his own path, exploring and working on other musical projects. But suddenly, there was a moment when a brand new approach for a band sprung forth. A band that had it all: fearless originality, explosive energy, hypnotic melodies, astounding versatility, and unmistakable showmanship. It just so happens that in that moment, fate was such that all the original members were available and anxious to try it. After years of separation, the band was finally reunited! One night while rehearsing in their studio, the band took a second look at the room number on their door. Worm said "Hmmm...sounds like success". It was then when 6S was born. The band then only needed another guitarist to round out and enforce their sound. After many auditions, the band decided to recruit Donnie, who was experienced in the world of Boston rock bands and clubs. With the lineup complete, 6S was now ready to take the original rock scene with a sound, a show, and an image that must be experienced!