Chris Monti

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Bio 3/22/6I’m a writer and a singer. I play guitar and harmonica the piano a bit. Also bass, mandolin, and banjo. ______________________________My original material covers a lot of stylistic ground. I play acoustic and electric; I fingerpick, flatpick, use open tunings and play slide. My music has some old time folkiness, some country-blues, some african music, some rock and roll, some hippie music, a sense of melodic improvisation, and a good beat.______________________________I’ve put out two albums: ‘Locust Grove’ and ‘Swampland Flowers.’______________________________Lately I’ve been playing a lot of solo gigs. I recently returned from a tour of Florida opening shows for the great blues guitar player and singer, Paul Geremia.______________________________I’ve also been performing on electric guitar with Andrew Hlynsky on drums and Nick Pagano on bass, two smokin young players. We play my songs arranged for electric instruments and with plenty of room for soloing and group improvisation.______________________________Jake Haller and I play together as the Killdevils. Jake sings and plays acoustic guitar, piano, accordion and slide. I sing and play guitar, harp and slide. We have a repertoire of about 100 good songs from country-blues and jump blues, to good old-style country music, some rock and roll, and the Ramones’ ‘The KKK Took My Baby Away’. ______________________________Also, Jake and I are performing with David Haller on guitar and baritone a repertoire of traditional songs from the fine collection, ‘Ballad of America’.______________________________I have been playing guitar for 15 years. Past projects include the bands: The Third Story Congress Dance Band (occasionally laying down hip hop beats for our friend Mr. Bodega), Third Story Congress Acoustic Band, Low School, The Blue Toad Flax, The Architecture Band, Brown Sugar and the Promised Land, Franz Schubert and Pals, and jam sessions all across gods green earth.