Daniel Ouellette And The Shobijin

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A little odd? Alittle quirky? Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin have been described as “not boring and predictable” by TonyMellor of the Noise magazine andJames Heflin of the Valley Advocatepublication says about Daniel "To witness his campy, playful style whilehis music derails expectations is to arrive at an interesting conclusion: hemay be the Orson Welles and the Ed Wood of electronic music. Should you laugh?Cry? Worry? Who knows? It's a remarkable accomplishment." DanielOuellette and the Shobijin are a multi-lingual musical act that fuses musicaltraditions of New Wave, Techno-Pop, New Age and World Music singing in English,Spanish and French and mixing electronic music, visuals and traditionalinstruments. Their performances are interactive and full of high energy andfun. They released a 6 song EP in April 2010 titled “But you know I have to be the Vampire!” and a full length CD inApril 2012 titled THE ENCHANTMENT (Songsto sing whilst you sharpen your pencil).