Betterman's Rule

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Betterman's Rule formed in late winter of 2003. Born in a barn in a frozen landscape, icy footprints beside amplifier drag marks, the band has been heating up stages ever since. Collectively, the members of Betterman's Rule have years of musical experience under their belts. Byron Marks, the guitarist, is a multiinstrumentalist playing guitar as well as bass and keyboards. Dan George has played drums for 13 years in numerous styles from Metal to Jazz and everything in between. Bobby Whitworth has played bass for 15 years, from Oklahoma to Maine. Patrick Page has a degree in Music and Video Business from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Betterman's Rule creates what has been described as "bluesy rock with a pop sensibility". not pigeon-holed by any of these terms, you can hear rock, blues, funk, and pop weave through out the music. see the band live or listen to the music and make your own judgement.