Brad Huff

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Brad Huff displays his virtuosity as singer and songwriter with his solo debut, Very Hardly Barely, on Record Breaking Records. Throughout the album, compelling lyrics accompany Huff’s driving guitar riffs to produce a powerful effect. Although rooted in rock tradition, the songs on Very Hardly Barely display Huff’s flair for experimentation by using drum loops and masterful production techniques to create a truly innovative sound. After eight years of success in the Jim James Band, his maturity as an artist is evident, and his sense of humor and down-to-earth personality also come out in his music. Working for over three years on Very Hardly Barely, Brad Huff has put together a collection of rock songs that are no less than infectious. Brad Huff crafts a dynamic and captivating sound on Very Hardly Barely, and he writes and performs all of his music. His command of all parts of the creative process allows him to focus on the unique vision behind each of his songs. Over the years, Huff has shared the stage with huge national acts, opening for Run DMC, Howie Day, Jimmy Fallon, and many others. A man of many talents, he has also appeared on the television series “Waterfront” and was a featured extra during season two of the Showtime series “The Brotherhood.” An accomplished artist and performer, Brad Huff is beginning his solo career as a seasoned musician and entertainer. With Very Hardly Barely, his experience and creative energy combine to make for an unforgettable album.