Elijah Ebenezer Wyman

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Elijah Ebenezer Wyman is a singer/songwriter that lives in a small house with a medium sized dog, a tailless cat, and his wife Rhonda. He is an amicable fellow who has been known to write themed albums that are often catagorized as, "Indie/Folk."Over the years Elijah has written an album of short, morbid stories with lush instrumentation that garnered him comparisons to Sufjan Stevens. He also wrote a free EP of songs based off of true, fan submitted stories. Most recently he released a sparse and morose album that chronicles a year and a half of living with kidney failure. You will be happy to know that Elijah received a kidney from a good friend who happens to run the label that released the album. (Grinding Tapes Recording Co. is said label.) Elijah is proud of this new record and believes that it is a truly positive and upbeat album.Two standout characteristics of Elijah Ebenezer Wyman's music are his witty lyrics and his odd voice. (Not in a forced way. In a, "It's just what my voice sounds like," way.) Elijah's voice polarizes people, a fact that he finds morbidly appealing.Elijah & Rhonda currently support themselves completely off of their art. Check out the jewelry that Rhonda designs at Both Elijah and Rhonda try to be as eco-friendly as possible, insisting on using recycled packaging materials. Portions of records sold through Grinding Tapes Recording Co. go to various charities. For more info go to GTRC's site.I often write themed releases including an album of short, morbid stories, an EP of true fan submitted stories, and recently an album chronicling my battle with kidney disease ending in a transplant. I have been lucky to play with awesome artists like John Vanderslice, Denison Witmer, TW Walsh, and Kind of Like Spitting. Turn ons = green living, universal healthcare, quiet music, cheerleaders, fresh bread, and autoharps.Turn offs = Walmart, extreme wealth, predictable lyrics, and the sound of power saws.Please listen to my music. Love,-Elijah Ebenezer Wyman.