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Relentlessly gritty and unapologetically raw. Once taken in, the music of Blackbutton is not something easily ignored. The vocals are whiskey-soaked and gruff. The guitar work is a heavy dicotomy of blues and ‘90’s alt-rock. The rhythm section swells and bombasts a la Dischord-era hardcore. Blackbutton exudes true grit, passion, and excitement of music scene freshmen, with an I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of a group that’s been around the block a few times. In fact, it’s been the better part of two years since Blackbutton has shown its face in the Boston music scene. The newly formed three-piece had been busy with other musical ventures, all while frontman/guitarist Jordan Tavenner has been plotting the return of his brainchild. Once a heavy hitting drums and guitar duo, Tavenner says “Blackbutton is more realized now, as a rock band, than it has ever been, and I’m excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on.” The all new band line-up – Tavenner (Baby Made Rebel, Justin Shorey), drummer Justin Emile (Aloud, Big East), and Boston new-comer Dave Koslovsky – are a dirtier, grittier, more explicit version of the salacious band long-time scenesters might recall.