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A pop artist that writes his own songs -now there's an idea. After the groundbreaking success of his first EP, THE BOY FROM VENUS, one year ago, mixed media artist Cheeks returned September 1, 2009, with his sophomore album, GLAMBITION; a thumping, electronic tour de force that not only showcases his growth as an artist, but his ability to capture big ideas in sleek little packages. Described as "great hard Electropop" by Adam Lambert, GLAMBITION blithely tackles esoteric concepts such as disposable emotions, hidden sexual desires, and the deterioration of culture.Despite the complex issues explored, the EP of four songs provides an almost completely electronic selection of danceable tracks; Lady Gaga meets Inner Party System. Seductive vocal styling akin to Britney Spears mingled with the deliciously androgynous sound of Silversun Pickups make for a truly unique sound. Dripping with sexy naughtiness in the vein of Peaches; yet catering to lovers of electropop. Cheeks achieves a distinctly new wave feel using soaring highs blended with stimulating hooks, sparkling synths, and pounding beats to capture your attention; after multiple listens: substance in lyrics remain. "I like examining society. I also like sexy fun. Let's ponder our humanity...and dance!" –Cheeks The entirely self produced video for Cheeks' first single DOWN LOW, released August 21, 2009 on his popular You Tube channel, GoCheeksGo, has rapidly become one of the most viewed videos in several countries. He is currently in pre-production for his next single, INSTANT GRATIFICATION. "The minute I'm done with what I'm working on, I ride that excitement into my next project. I'm shooting a video for every song on GLAMBITION and stepping it up each time." --Cheeks Cheeks began crafting his art at a young age; appearing in commercials and theatre productions in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. Five years ago he followed his dreams to Los Angeles with no more than innate inventiveness and creative visions to drive him. After completing studies in film with a focus on editing and receiving notice as a dynamic and alluring stage performer at Second City and assorted venues; Cheeks broadened his focus to include music. An original song was featured in the award winning film Side Effect. Writer/director Liz Adams on Cheeks “To be so young and already such a master of blending entertainment and marketing…he’s such a clever, little, new media minx.” Cheeks has appeared in several film projects; receiving critical acclaim for his ability to blend fashion, style and humor; emerging as a stand out performer. Successful modeling projects illustrate he has the physical look necessary for mainstream marketability. Aside from the upcoming release of GLAMBITION, Cheeks produces weekly podcasts on his rapidly growing social network, Cheektopia; a website where self expression, creativity, and sharing ideas is a way of life; along with socio-satirical video content. Keeping with his portrait as a progressive mixed media artist, he currently has several projects under development including a comic series based on his life in Hollywood and a catalogue of ringtones that will be “part humor, part affirmation”.