Brooke Brown Saracino

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Since finishing college in 2005, Brooke Brown Saracino has made a fearless plunge into the crowded world of folk music and she hasn’t gone unnoticed. She's been honoured in the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Singer/Songwriter Showcase every year since 2005, competed in the 93.9 the River’s Singer/Songwriter contest, and was selected to perform in this year's Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase. Brooke has opened for Lori Mckenna, Cheryl Wheeler, Anais Mitchell and Chris Pureka among others. Her formalized musical training began with the performing arts high school she attended. A teacher, soon to become mentor, discovered that the skilful musician had a delightful voice and the ability to write mature and sophisticated prose. He dared Brooke to perform her work on stage. Though Brooke certainly doesn’t need any coaxing now to step up to the stage, remnants of her quieter days still remain. Her gentle stage presence stands in stark contrast to her poignant lyricism and the power backing her clear and emotive voice. It is this combination of strength and vulnerability that leaves the listener spellbound. Brooke is a truly independent artist. Having studied audio editing software manuals and experimented with any recording gear she could get her hands on, she recorded, edited and produced her debut album, Treading Water. And now, she’s done it again. Brooke is out and about the country celebrating her sophomore, solo-produced and recorded record, Stranger’s Story- an album of superior simplicity. She knows just what should and shouldn’t be there. Stranger’s Story is an understanding of silence and words; a perfectly accurate representation of her full yet solo sound, and somehow through the simplicity comes profundity and something that all artists can only hope for- to reach the listener. Her story might be that of a stranger but it somehow feels like your own.