The Birthday Suicide

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The Birthday Suicide is the nom de plume of Gregg Padula, a Boston-based singer/songwriter greatly influenced by musicians such as Bob Dylan, Ani Difranco, Neil Young , Ween, Billy Bragg, Wilco, Daniel Johnston, The Microphones, John Prine, Leonard Cohen, Elliott Smith and endless others. Also influenced by writers such as Jack Kerouac, E.E. Cummings, and Ernest Hemingway, “One Year Wasted” displays a heavy emphasis on the lyrical/literature side of songwriting. Press: “Top 25 CDs of 2008”"MP3 of the Week"-Dedication Music Magazine, Italy. Dedication Music Magazine-07/09/08Best of Myspace 2008 “One Year Wasted” is a collection of introspective, Dylan-esque heartfelt songs available from CD Baby. All you guys know I’m a sucker for one man and his guitar on a bare stage, and I imagine live you would hear a pin drop!!! A great songsmith! I’m impressed. –Rock SelloutSpotlight Review "Top Four CDs"-September 2008: The Birthday Suicide~One Year Wasted-This project is the creation of songwriter Gregg Padula, who has me impressed by his use of musical simplicity and clever turn of phrase with a clear influence by the master wordsmith Bob Dylan. Padula’s smart use of ambiguity let’s this story fit into many of our life’s soundtracks. –Rachel Sedacca,