The Brooks Young Band

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Brooks Young Band Concord, New Hampshire might not be a place where you’d expect a kid to grow up studying blues guitar, but Brooks Young did. Now he’s 26 and his band has already earned gigs opening for B.B. King. Brooks Young started playing acoustic guitar at the age of ten, moving over to the electric as he got older. Young was influenced by his grandfather who was a well known country guitarist. By his late teens he was starting his blues career, playing alongside Jerry “The Reverend” Paquette of the Kan-Tu Blues Band. At the age of 24, he was opening up for B.B. King. In May of 2008, Young once again was opening for B.B. King at the Capital Center for the Arts in Concord, New Hampshire. After the show, Brooks was personally invited on to B.B. Kings tour bus. The two of them shared stories, and remembered being together on September 11th 2001, where Brooks first had the opportunity to meet The King of the Blues. Young and his band, The Brooks Young Band, have also opened for Room Full of Blues and Luther “Guitar” Johnson. If you haven’t already guessed, the Brooks Young Band plays the blues as well as rock. At 26, Young is writing and recording mostly originals and making a name for himself along the way. The band tours often, playing Boston and New York City shows frequently. You can even find them playing at New York City’s famous Kenny’s Castaways, which has housed Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Blondie over the years. Brooks Young and his band have a new album out entitled “Counting Down” This album features the great Johnny A. lending his hand on the title track Counting Down. Young’s songs have been played on air waves all over from Boston to New York and he even has fans in Japan. This album showcases Brooks’ amazing guitar work on each of his songs and proves to us that this young guitar player has so much talent to offer. Given the skills Brooks Young possesses on stage and in the recording studio, he certainly has the foundation to make whatever he’d like of his career. Brooks Young is endorsed by Fender. Brooks Young -- Guitar/Lead Vocals Jeff Leroy -- Keyboards/Backing VocalsDan Vitale ~ Key Boards/Backing VocalsBen Leverwood - Guitar. Rachel Green – Bass/Backing VocalsJoe (Machete Joe) T - Drums