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ColonBlow combines the catchy hooks of Cheap Trick with the spirit of Barenaked Ladies.“Devil In Disguise”, the new album by ColonBlow, is a fitting description for the band. Spanning several genres, ColonBlow has managed to wrap rock, blues, singer-songwriter type acoustic, and comedy into one album. The album ranges from self-reflection to straight out, hook-laced, good-time Rock & Roll!ColonBlow came together in 2006 when Ronney, who was actively playing with bands in the region, ran into Jimmy and Joe, who were dusting off their instruments once again. Before long they were playing private shows and emerged on the Central Maine bar scene. They turned their high-energy, moderately juvenile tendencies toward collaboration and soon had an arsenal of originals. "Devil in Disguise" is a collection of the most popular originals, tried and tested in fine watering holes and raves for the past 4 years.