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After recently having the privilege to play with bands such as Eisley, Azure Ray, Margot and the Nuclear So & So's, Jessica Lea Mayfield, First Aid Kit, River City Extension, Frontier Ruckus, Suckers, and more, Bethesda has used their energetic live shows and carefully crafted songs to elevate themselves into the same conversation as some of indie rocks best.These five friends, in hopes of satisfying their snow laden angst, came together in the interest of channeling their desires for meaningful living into the artistic expression of music. The result? Bethesda, an Indie Rock group that brings together folk roots, indie beats, crafty guitars, and soaring vocals with meaningful lyrics to build songs that move your heart and feet in equal measures.Blending influences from seemingly unblendable musical genres, these folks paint pictures of human drama, the struggles of life, the beauty of nature, and the few truths they know to be true with poignant lyrics and musical movements that can rip you from your apathetic state and send you whirling! This vibrant combination has aided Bethesda in developing a loyal following in Northeast Ohio.Bethesda followed up the 2008 release of their self-titled EP with the release of their debut full-length album, Love in a Time of Tra La La, in January of 2010. With this LP, Bethesda displays the full maturation of a sound and ethos that is uniquely theirs with 10 thoughtfully crafted songs that invite you into a world that is convinced that artistic expression of music does not have to come at the expense of dance-ability. Bethesda is gearing up to release their new EP "Dreamtiger & Other Tails" in May 2011.CURRENTLY ON RADIO SPRING/SUMMER 2011BULLSRADIO Tampa FLCFMU Hamilton ONCHMR St.Johns NFCSCR Scarborough ONKALA Davenport IAKAMP Tucson AZKANM College Station TXKAOS Olympia WAKBBI Homer AKKBSU Boise IDKCSS Turlock CAKDNK Carbondale COKDUP Portland ORKEOL La Grande ORKEUL Girdwood AKKFAI Minneapolis MNKGAR Lemoore CAKHNS Haines AKKJACK Flagstaff AZKKSM San Marcos CAKMNR Rolla MOKMSU Mankato MNKMUD Redway CAKNDS Fargo NDKPUR Forest Grove ORKRNL Mt.Vernon IAKRSC Claremore OKKRZA Alamosa COKSJD Mancos COKSPU Seattle WAKSYM San Antonio TXKTCV Kennewick WAKTSW San Marcos TXKUIW San Antonio TXKURA Ouray COKUWS Superior WIKWCR Ogden UTKWCW Walla Walla WAKWLC Decorah IAKWTS Canyon TXKXUL Monroe LAKXZY Forest City IAOHIO.FM New Albany OHOSPREY Jacksonville FLRIDDLE Prescott AZWARC Meadville PAWBOR Brunswick MEWBWC Berea OHWCCX Waukesha WIWCNI New London CTWCRD Muncie INWCVF Fredonia NYWCVM Morrisville NYWCWP Brookville NYWDUB Granville OHWDWN Auburn NYWERU East Orland MEWFDU Teaneck NJWGMU Fairfax VAWHCL Clinton NYWHUS Storrs CTWIDR Kalamazoo MIWIIT Chicago ILWITR Rochester NYWIUX Bloomington INWKKL West Barnstable MAWKPS University Park PAWKWZ Syosset NYWLCA Godfrey ILWLTL La Grange ILWLUR Lexington VAWLVR Bethlehem PAWMCN St.Paul MNWMEB Orono MEWMHB Waterville MEWMHC South Hadley MAWMHD Terre Haute INWMPG Portland MEWMVL Purchase NYWMXM Lake Forest ILWNHU West Haven CTWORT Madison WIWPMD Norwalk CAWPTS Pittsburgh PAWRBC Lewiston MEWRDP Chicago ILWRFW River Falls WIWRKC Wilkes-Barre PAWRNC Ashland WIWRPI Troy NYWRRC Lawrenceville NJWRSE Elmhurst ILWRST Oshkosh WIWRUR Rochester NYWSAJ Grove City PAWSIA Staten Island NYWSIN New Haven CTWSUP Platteville WIWVMM Grantham PAWVUD Newark DEWVUR Valparaiso INWVYC York PAWXAC Reading PAWXJM Harrisonburg VAXTSR Towson MD