The Dixie Prix

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Boston has never been known as a hot bed of Country, but that may well change. Former Rippopotamus drummer turned Producer Rich Gordon (BMA ’96, Phoenix Readers Poll 2001 winner) and his co-producer Steve Markarian, have uncovered a diamond in the rough. The Dixie Prix (pronounced Dee Hee Pree) may well turn the Boston Music scene on it’s ear (or possibly it’s head if they’ve been drinking). Somehow this gifted quartet has escaped the notice of nearly everyone in the city (except their neighbors) - but no more. With their first album out on 2 Funky Int’l Records and now available at CD Baby there are crowds who don’t even know they are waiting for them. As Mr. Dylan put it - The times they are a-changing.“Together they make a whole lot of noise...” - Metronome“Good ‘ol country music like they used to do...” - The Noise