Mundo's Crazy Circus

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Mundo's Crazy Circus has become an institution in the Jam Rock scene in Boston, MA. They have built a devoted following over the last Eight years and continue to received with energetic enthusiasm from fans in packed clubs. Their Debut CD “Whirlwind” was released in 2008 and is available here and on iTunes. The band was reborn in 2012 with new face and great sound! Chief songwriter/guitarist, Keith Doyle, re assembled the band with a line-up that matched the intensity of the music with the chemistry of the musicians.Amanda Thonn (singer/violinist), She brings a powerful soulful touch to the music that you just have to experience in a live setting.…Jaime VanLoon (acoustic/electric guitar) challenges Keith on stage as well as in the studio with his crisp rhythm style of guitar; their interplay is original and powerful. Michael Groover(bass guitar) Has over 20 years in the music industry, coming from a blues back ground, he knows how to lay down a groove, where the pocket it is. Bobby Richardson(drums) gives the band a one/two punch… a tight sound wile letting the rest of the musicians challenge each other as they push the envelope further into the Rock N' Roll realm, allowing the band to breathe as they shift their catalog into high gear.With a quick glance at the lyrics you can tell this band has substance…"Mountain of hope shine your light on me now, Let my expectations rise, Not enough to conquer the world in one day, But just enough to survive". Keith's songwriting is really about making it through life on your own terms and not being bogged down by the day-to-day struggles, past mistakes. The lyrics that open this paragraph is from their anthem "Mountain of Hope" from their Debut CD titled WhirlWind. Another track, "Velvet Sky" lays it all on the line with the lyrics "slowly my soul begins to twist & ache, feel the seasons darkest break, change of times simply means change of time, nothing seems to fall to waste". The originality and songwriting is what makes the Circus able to celebrate on the possibilities of what the future holds and the future is bright.Mark Kaye