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Devour...Spawned from David Burkes's industrial background, the early breaths of Devour were merely dark contorted guitar riffs that defined the normal parameters of melody and time. It might have stopped there, but making the unconventional rhythms work in a band format was too challenging a task to deny. Jose Morales, a drummer born and raised in Puerto Rico on a steady diet of Merengue, salsa, and speed metal, looked directly into the eye of this beast and beat it down w/ tribal rhythms and heavy backbeats. Together w/ bassist Tim Guidish, an aggressive, hypnotic brand of devilish frenzy rock was created. Left on their own, the three went underground and pieced together the basis for the Devour sound. That of course brings us to Buster. Telling stories of madness, armageddon, hyperkinetic encounters, tragedy and comedy, Buster's over the top growls and crooning of almost poetic verse took the band in a new direction they hadn't even imagined. Heavy and dark, yet still melodic and trancy, you don't know whether to jump or just pick ur jaw up off the floor. With the release of "The Great Hunger", their 5 song ep/cd. the Devour sound is quickly spreading beyond their loyal Boston following.With heavy rhythms, guttural screams, and abrasive chords, Devour creates an intensity you won't forget!! If you get a chance to catch their live show, DO IT