*AM Stereo

BostonBands member since 2000

From Boston, MA


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Steve and Jeff had been playing together in Crazy Alice for several years. Crazy Alice called it quits in early 1998. Although Crazy Alice would be no more, Steve and Jeff enjoyed playing together and decided they would continue to play music. They tried to think of ways they could use this opportunity to create a new band which would have all the elements necessary for success in today's dog eat dog music industry. A dash of electronica? Nipple piercings? Singing lessons? Undoubtedly all good suggestions. Unfortunately, before they could hatch their master plan, they met Brooke Fletcher one night at the Hide Away Pub in Cambridge. Brooke is in the band Lint. Steve and Jeff invited Brooke to lug his guitar and amp to their rehearsal space one day in April of 1998. To date, Brooke hasn't voluntarily left or been asked to leave. In August of 1998, AM Stereo went into Zippah Recording Studios with Brian Charles engineering.