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The music pulls from the depths of what truly makes rock roll. . . a fiery melding of the essence of heavy "old school" rock with the style and texture of the modern/alternative genre. However you want to label it, this much is true: 4:20 derives their energy and the utter dynamics of each song, each performance from pure passion. Emotion breeds the creativity behind the bands repertoire of songs, first showcased on 4:20s debut CD entitled Cumpulsive Behavior, a recording that proved to be a powerful and successful introduction to the media, industry, and fans. With tracks like the heavily groove hook-laden "Peep Show" and the compelling, hard-hitting "Just For A Little," 4:20 accomplished commercial radio airplay throughout New England, including WAAF, WXLO, WXPL, and WKPE in Massachusetts and WHEB and WGIR in New Hampshire. The foremost coup, however, had to be garnering the attention of renowned, Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Warren Riker. Warren has won Grammy Awards for his work on Santanas Supernatural and Lauryn Hill's The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill. In addition, his recording and/or mixing credentials include Korn, Everlast, Kid Rock, Sublime, Method Man, Wyclef Jean, James Taylor, Mich'l Jackson, and more. When Warren heard 4:20s material on Cumpulsive Behavior, it didnt take much convincing for him to take on their next recording. In late 2000 4:20 went into Bearsville Studios in New York with Warren Riker behind the board and recorded their latest - Hydroponic Youth - a four-song CD that takes the essence of Cumpulsive Behavior and elevates the power to the next level. Immediately one feels the searing emotions emanating from the band with the opener "Lights Out," a song that consists of razor sharp guitaring and signature bottom-heavy rhythms. However it has been "Sex, Drugs, $$$. . ." that has already captured the attention of radio with its rapcore intros, anthem-like, catchy chorus, and mesmeric qualities. Rounding out the rest of the EP are the emotive, hard-hitting "Father" and "Party Song," which highlights the band's evident ability to groove and funk. Fresh, diverse, intriguing, aggressive - it's possible to be all of the above and more with Hydroponic Youth. 4:20 is comprised of five musicians who are so dedicated to their music and this band that they do this full-time, without holding down traditional "9 to 5" day jobs - a rarity at this stage of the game, but it reflects the members commitment to their craft. New England-based, the band was formed in 1998 by lead vocalist and chief lyricist Noah Staff and lead guitarist/songwriter Jay Mons'rt, who met when they were part of another band. It wasn't long before the two discovered they clicked as a team and from there 4:20 was born. The individuals behind the rhythm section: Mark Morin on drums and Mike Devin on bass (and backing vocals), locked in with Jay and Noah both personally and musically, thus solidifying the band. In November of 2000 4:20s sound was enhanced further with the addition of Ed Barton on rhythm guitar, formerly of the rock band Shine. 4:20 is currently performing throughout New England in support of Hydroponic Youth, with plans to expand into the Northeast and beyond. For more information on 4:20 please contact: Richard P. Mons'rt - Manager at (201) 891-3933 or rmons' or Debbie Catalano - Catalano Public Relations at (781) 438-4640 or; or visit their website at Featuring tracks like the CDs catchy and power-infused kick-off, "Just For A Little"; the ultimate radio track, "Peep Show" - a song that absolutely captivates with its addictive chorus and intense, swirling grooves; "Snake Eye," which reflects the band's heavy duty funk rock/rap edge; and the compelling, lyrically thought-provoking "Letters From The Front," to name a few, Cumpulsive Behavior has, in a short period time, generated 4:20 attention from audiences and music industry professionals.