Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda

BostonBands member since 2001

From auburndale, ma


#classical #acoustic

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Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda, now a Boston outfit, have been steadily evolving over the past 3+ years and have become an important and diverse band in the Northeast music scene. Originating in New Paltz, New York in 1997, Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda have endured numerous lineup changes but have successfully kept their focus and forward drive. Jim Loughlin - now with moe., Jon Stern - now with Perfect Thyroid, Andrew Barr - of The Slip, and Jared Sims & Garrett Sayers - of Miracle Orchestra have all contributed to the band over the years. Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda's sound is best taken on a song-to-song basis as their range of styles encompasses jazz, rock, classical, folk, and even Aboriginal roots. Pete Pidgeon has a Bachelor's in jazz studies and has been playing guitar since his hands were large enough to grip the guitar neck. The group's recent approach on songwriting has given their songs a more lyrical angle without sacrificing the creativity and originality that have been the cornerstone of Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda's music.