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Remember when singers, you knowà SANG? "Lalala" not "gruntgruntgrunt" or "rapraprap" or today's favorite "whinewhinewhine". Yeah, we remember that, too. OH! Remember guitar solos? Nice, tasty guitar solos? Not that late 80's GIT "play really really fast with no point" kinda solo, but a solo that actually fits the song and tells a story, as well? Yeah, we like tasty solos. Lyricsà remember when lyrics told a story, with a beginning and an ending and didn't sound like someone's therapy session with rhymes? Song structure!! Who remembers when songs had more than 2 parts? (And no, having the guitars drop out while the bass plays the verse riff DOES NOT count as a 3rd part) Yep, we got lots of riffs and partsà and they all make sense!! So, if you remember singing, soloing, good story telling through lyrics and music then BY GOD YOU MUST BUY THIS ALBUM AND HELP 12:06 TAKE OVER!!! "This CD is a pearl... very emotional" - NO NOISE, NO GOOD (May 2002) "Out and out scary rock music" - SOUNDCHECK MAGAZINE (June 2002) Full reviews can be found at