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From Brockton, MA



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Fueled by a belief that music should be pushed as far as possible and all avenues of sound traveled, :seconds screams to be heard and refuses to be ignored. Blending infectious melodies with pop hooks, :seconds has found a thin line to walk, creating a unique sound that fuses traditional rock with technology. Formed in late 2001, :seconds consists of four individuals, each bringing their own personality, influences and experience to the band, this is reflected in the music they create. The members are, Mich'l (vocals/guitar), Elton (guitar), Jovan (bass) and Jason (drums). Constantly looking for new mediums to bring their music and live performances to the next level, :seconds leaves their audience astonished at the enormous sound and feeling that is created. 2002 finds the band preparing to go back into the studio to write and record new material. With so much accomplished in the short amount of time the band has been together, :seconds has set their sights on the future of rock music and the role they intend to play in shaping it.