Willie T & Doctor X

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From Cambridge, MA

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By wdr1@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Read what FKAP Wizard Radio, an Internet radio station in Kosciusko, MS ( network) had to say about Willie T & Doctor X's "Hogs on Ice" CD [from Customer reviews at Amazon.Com, Nov. 10, 2002]: "Living proof that the major labels miss the best musicians: Saturday nights at the Honky Tonk have never been more fun! Willie T & Doctor X have the energy, enthusiasm, talent and attitude that make music captivating (not to mention downright fun). Listen to this album 3 times and you'll find yourself wondering how Hollywood has missed them. This is chart topping stuff!...You'll hear this group often on the Internet, but I recommend you buy the CD to hear all nine songs. My personal favorite is "All's not Quiet at the Western Front" but "Such a Tricky Word" may be one of the best, most thoughtful songs on the album. In short, you can now enjoy Saturday Night at the club "24/7" just by listening to this album."