The B. Willie Smith Band

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By m2ranger@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Thank you for listing the B. Willies! I remember them back in the day as one of the most hard driving rhythm and blues bands I have ever seen. They had the most incredible energy. Horns swinging back and forth, stage dancin', sax player would be playing away hanging from the rafters or walking on the bar! and who could forget the infamous high kicks from the lead singer during Rt. 66! And their Wooly Bully gets the entire audience stomping the floor and jumping up and down. Just an all around fun dance band. I was fortunate to catch them at Toads the last time I was in town and man they havn't changed one iota. I am SO happy to see that they will be playing again at Toads on Sept 28th. I hope to get a bunch of people together and head on down to Toads. We are getting there early ...because if my memory serves me correctly, you have to get a space on the dance floor early or it fills up quickly. If you have seen this band before, you simply must see them again, and if you have never seen them before, it is SO worth the trip. I give this band 5 stars!

By gm.wilson@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Another fabulous show at Toad's on May 30. These guys seem to get better each year. Their energy is infectious, their musicianship incredible. After waiting so many years to see them again, the thrill is even better now. These guys should be recording. Can't wait until next time.

By sonnyw06798@***** more than 12 weeks ago

I went to Toad's on May 30th with a friend to see B. Willie Smith. We followed the band over 25 years ago mostly to Beverly's in Bantam. They were just as great. Haven't lost one ounce of musical ability and crowd appeal. Hope they keep "reuniting" so I can enjoy them. P & P