The Freeze Pops

BostonBands member since 2002

From Taunton, MA




5.0 out of 5 from 27 reviews.
The Freeze Pops are:
Peter McGlynn - Lead Vocals / Guitar
Mark Delorme - Lead Guitar Vocals
Ricky Brennan - Keyboards / Vocals
Kevin Hamblett - Bass Guitar / Vocals
Tom George - Drums / Vocals

With their high-powered intensity, easygoing attitude and talented musicianship, The Freeze Pops, a cover/original band out of the Taunton, MA area, have been plugging away at the local bar and club scene with one goal in mind: establish themselves as New England's favorite party band. With their extravagant mix of classic rock, contemporary thrash and smash, funky disco interpretations, eighties punk and hair-band enlightenment, and a few choice numbers that may leave you in disbelief, The Freeze Pops is quickly etching its reputation among the number of local live entertainment draws as a "must see" act. The band, jamming together for over 20 years now as a whole, features a tight ensemble including Bassist Kevin Hamblett, Drummer Tom George, Singer/Guitarist Peter McGlynn, Lead Guitarist Mark Delorme, and newest member Ricky Brennan on Keyboards originally from the band Wheat.

Among the five of them, they name their favorite influences far-reaching from swing, to classic rock and roll, 80s rock, to grunge. From start of show to the end, they can get their groove on, they can get their mosh on and they get their jam on too. Their performances are interwoven with thundering basslines, tight vocal harmonies, smooth and searing guitar licks and deafening dead-on delirious drumwork. They pride themselves on being fan-friendly and promote an atmosphere of good times and great fun.