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"Ethereal pop with sultry vocals and a left hook." Plumerai is a post-pop band from Boston, MA. Equally influenced by 80's punk/postpunk, early 90's british alternative, & modern art-rock; the results are shoegazing guitars, Patti Smith style vocals, tight drumming, & driving bass lines รป everything you could want from pop oriented music. Despite the fact that they put out their first album nearly two years ago, Res Cogitans marks their true debut. After several line-up changes in the past two years, the band has become solid & tight after a few short tours consisting of Elizabeth Ezell (vocals), Todd Richards (drums), & brothers Martin Newman (guitars & keyboards) & James Newman (bass). Ezell brings sultry vocals to the mix in a genre populated by sweet sounding singers. Richards gives us drums that swing rather than becoming mechanical back beats. Martin Newman provides the heavily reverbed guitars around which the songs are built. James Newman brings the percussive bass lines that help hold things together. Res Cogitans marks a very special point in Plumerai's career. This is the first time they've taken control over their own recording process adding elements like accordion that might be frowned upon by many rock-producers. They recorded the band live with minor overdubs to capture their energy rather than castrating the music with a click-track. This EP makes promises for a great album in 2007.