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Formed in 2002 by guitarist/vocalist Peter Bagale and drummer Paul Amorese, BACCI (pronounced: "bah-chee") has since teamed up with bassist Chris Northington and Brooklyns' own DJ Rob Flow from Chappelle's Show. Since their 2003 debut, Hey Girl, BACCI have been making heads bob and hips shake during their live shows.Consistently recruiting new fans up and down the Northeast, NYC based Bacci puts an urban twist on the tried and true singer/songwriter formula with their second release, More (2005). Mixed by studio pro Jamie Siegel (Lauryn Hill, Run DMC, Mary J. Blige), More generates an original sound that fearlessly connects the dots between the far- reaching genres of folk, soul, and hip-hop.Front man Peter Bagale's flexible pipes swiftly jump between quick-lipped raps on "Sunny Days" and soulful serenades featured on tracks like "Secret Plan", cementing Bacci's ever-growing fan-base among both male and female listeners.Bacci newcomer DJ Flow brings More to the tables on tracks like "Real" and "Recess Time", adding a much-welcomed hip-hop dynamic to the band..s instrumental hooks. Chris Northington's subtle bass lines call to mind the relaxed style of Sublime's Eric Wilson, while Paul Amorese's snare happy drum rolls round out Bacci's self proclaimed "funky folk."The obvious spotlight shines on Bagale's songwriting - raw, real, and from the heart. Bacci writes everyday music for Everyman - not too overwhelming or overproduced, but catchy enough to keep your toes tapping from start to finish.Bacci continues to tour the Northeast as they recruit new fans among the college circuit. The group has opened for national recording artist Teitur and have established residency at New York City's K-Lounge with guests ranging from Taye Diggs to Puff Daddy.