Back In Session

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No matter what name the band has, the same thing will always be true - this group of multi-talented musicians and vocalists will bring you the finest in musical entertainment!!!! When several members of "Possession" and a couple of guys affiliated with "The Infractions" joined together for a new sound....."Back in Session" was born! Members include Lauribeth on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Pete Singer on drums and vocals, Tony Cowan on lead guitar and vocals, Steve Pieroni on keyboards, guitar, and vocals, and Chris Collins on bass and vocals.  Five harmonies add to the already impressive playing skills of each band member!  Update: 3/1/2014 - All our best goes out to our keyboard player Steve Pieroni as he takes some time off for medical purposes...hope you get well soon, Stevie P.!  We also would like to welcome rhythm guitarist Brian Krim to the "Back In Session" fold!