Chowda Heads

BostonBands member since 2002

From Whitman, MA

#rock #blues

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By jdeming352@***** more than 12 weeks ago

these guys are great! we had such a great time when we saw them at foxwoods. the lead singer is fantastic. i love the santana stuff they do.

By nflakeside@***** more than 12 weeks ago

These guys are the BEST! We first saw them at horsefeathers up in North Conway. Since then we have been hooked, IF you ever have a house party or function they ROCK the place. You just cant get enough.

By phoenixxrising@***** more than 12 weeks ago

This band is awesome. The guys are so approachable with requersts. The music is great. they are keepers

By g-man41559@***** more than 12 weeks ago

these guys just come right at you--blues classic rock,swing you name it and SANTANA!!! they cover stuff Carlos wont even touch when he tours any more just high energy straight ahead good old rock and roll check these guys out as often as you can!!

By smallbusman@***** more than 12 weeks ago

The band was very energetic and sounded good last night at Hajjars in Weymouth. The wateress was great and the fod was good. My friend had a really great time and danced a lot that she has not done in such a long time. The band members are socialble and very polite between sets and on stage. If you like live rock n roll this is a must see band. T